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Alternate Names : Danae, Denisa B., Denisa D., Elis, Geena, Gia, Gina B., Gina Lee, Gyna, Heather Wild, Jasmin, Julie, Nerriss, Samueline de la Rosa, Tina Shannon, Yasmin

home : Czech

Hair Color : Blonde

Height : 175 cm

weight : 52


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Gia's Biography :

Gia aka Heather Wild is an adult/porn model coming from the Czech Republic. This all natural hottie can be found using several totally unrelated aliases, which is the result of her modeling for several adult websites, that all created a new alias for her. So for example, you can find her official website using the name Sweet Denisa, then there is another "official" site that has her named Heather Wild, which one is really the official one is hard to say.

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