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Brooklyn Chase is an American adult model and porn star. One of the most spectacularly busty newbies to pop up in the biz, Brooklyn has curves to die for and then some more to spare. Those fat round titties make anyone want to motorboat themselves to seventh heaven before getting a good firm grip on her we thick hips and slamming some thick cock home in each of her wet, juicy holes.

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Date added: 11-22-2015 Rating:
Like 62
Dislike 18
Date added: 10-11-2015 Rating:
Like 60
Dislike 14
Date added: 10-10-2015 Rating:
Like 65
Dislike 14
Date added: 09-27-2015 Rating:
Like 53
Dislike 16
Date added: 07-26-2015 Rating:
Like 67
Dislike 22
Date added: 07-28-2013 Rating:
Like 138
Dislike 14