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Claudia is a cheeky and nasty Slovakian cutie whos not afraid to handle big cocks yes, in plural, shes ready for more guys at the same time! Do not hesitate to watch her scenes, her natural body and innocent face will surely mesmerize you! Claudia Rossi has done several solo and hardcore double penetration scenes for Network websites, and her best selling DVD includes Whole Night, available from !

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Date added: 02-18-2007 Rating:
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Date added: 02-08-2007 Rating:
Like 87
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Date added: 01-01-2006 Rating:
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Date added: 10-06-2005 Rating:
Like 60
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Date added: 03-20-2005 Rating:
Like 12
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Date added: 02-18-2005 Rating:
Like 24
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Date added: 02-12-2005 Rating:
Like 15
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