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Vicki Chase began her porn career in 2010. Her exotic features and willing on-camera demeanor have began raking in a growing following who all agree that Vicki is a star on the rise in the industry. Vicki married porn stud Eric John in 2010. The two met at the bank she worked at as a teller prior to her step into the porn industry. She and her husband married on January 7, 2010 while attending the AVN Expo.

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Karlee & Vicky's Threesome Cum True, Scene #01
Date added: 03-06-2016 Rating:
Like 80
Dislike 21
Vicki's Foot Magic, Scene #01
Date added: 07-29-2012 Rating:
Like 64
Dislike 15
Backstage with Vicki Chase, Scene #01
Date added: 07-01-2012 Rating:
Like 23
Dislike 10
Falling in love, Scene #01
Date added: 06-07-2012 Rating:
Like 57
Dislike 9
Backstage of Fix My Feet, Scene #01
Date added: 06-03-2012 Rating:
Like 14
Dislike 9
Fix My Feet, Scene #01
Date added: 05-27-2012 Rating:
Like 77
Dislike 11
Cut The Chase, Scene #01
Date added: 12-06-2011 Rating:
Like 61
Dislike 8